Evernote enables Augmented Intelligence

Cristina Riesen, Evernote

A few weeks ago at the NOAH Conference, I had the opportunity to speak with Cristina Riesen, General Manager Europe, Middle East and Africa at Evernote. In this position she is responsible for redefining the modern workspace and how it will impact companies, when they move away from the traditional understanding of sharing files, collaborating and presenting. Whilst many visitors and speakers at NOAH Berlin mainly spoke about their numbers and the greatest new technical solutions they have launched, Cristina spoke about how this is impacting humans and modern work spaces. She seemed to be focussed more on the users and on the humanity in the technology age. 

Evernote is supporting people to „augment“ their intelligence through technology, which they call „augmented intelligence„. „Knowledge workers – how Cristina calls them – need their creative surroundings and platforms always at hand, whenever and where ever they are. Their main focus should be on evolving their genious ideas. Technology needs to enable us and support us in our creative thinking. This can create highest productivity and efficiency, as Cristina explained in the interview. 

The new Apple Watch App by Evernote is also focussed on the topic of Augmented Intelligence.

Evernote Apple Watch App

The application by Evernote is focussed on making thinking and sharing of information easier for people. The smartwatch app includes a voice-to-text dictation functionality and makes it very simple to quickly record ideas and thoughts in the moment and on the go. It further includes to-do-lists and the possibility to organize photos, documents and information. I have been sceptical about many wearable apps so far, but the simplicity of the app and clear user focus was impressive.

Generally, Evernote, which might have been an app for geeks in the past, has by now successfully developed their productivity software which is now in use by 150 million users worldwide. They provide them with what they call a „digital workspace“, that is synched with all devices and integrates contextual information in which users can see relevant articles, linked to the current project they work on. Evernote is not only used in private environments anymore, Evernote Business is already in use by more than 20.000 companies worldwide. This shows the need and trend of changing work space solutions.

The visions behind Evernote of enforcing humans to have a higher quality life by using technology as an enabler and not a controlling instrument was very much in line with my personal view. Especially in times where answers are often rather found within Google or social networks.

It is great to see a company that promotes knowledge work of people and develops solutions around that vision.

Cristina Riesen, General Manager at Evernote

And Cristina herself is quite an inspiring lady too. She seems to perfectly combine being in a high management position with happiness and time to recharge in between. We talked about routines Cristina has included in her personal and work life to get to this stage. She suggests to create a good balance between technology, humanity and mindfulness.

This personally touched me, as I am currently building an initiative, called THE DIGNIFIED SELF, for more mindfulness into the technology age. THE DIGNIFIED SELF is a partner of mobile zeitgeist and the blog around it will launch shortly.

When I told Cristina about THE DIGNIFIED SELF she was extremely supportive, because she also instantly believed in that mission and that its really needed. Thus we continued and extended our interview a bit – with a more personal approach. We spoke about how the inspirational manager at Evernote has found ways and rituals to include in her life that provide her with a perfect balance of happiness, peace, mindfulness and success. Learn more about the personal side of Cristina, and why Evernote for her is the perfect company to work with in times of digital transformation here.

Evernote apps and products create a modern workspace that gives people the tools they need to achieve more every day. A privately held company headquartered in Redwood City, California, Evernote has offices in 11 countries and more than 150 million users worldwide. For more information about Evernote and its products, visit www.evernote.com.

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