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[Author: Volker Hirsch] Games are interactive by design. A game does not work if the person playing it does not interact with it. From a brand’s point of view, this makes a game an incredibly powerful tool to engage a person, to enter a truly interactive communication between user and brand.

The reason for the interaction between the player and the game lies in a very personal connection that is being established: the player connects with the features that particular game offers to that particular player (someone who loves open-world racing games may not be bothered with open-world role-playing games or track-racing – even if both of the latter have elements of the former). It is a fickle but valuable bond that is being created.

“Mere” advertising, on the other hand, is a volume play. The number of page impressions, clicks or whatever measure is being applied is the yardstick. Due to the need to build in scale (or at least scalability) into the systems underlying this, the ability to adapt to intimate and extremely varied relationships is limited at best. Advertising is therefore a sub-optimal tool to connect a brand with a person through a game.

Don’t throw the value away!

But before abandoning the model that has fuelled so much of the digital content world since its very inception, let us have a look at the underlying dynamics. The true value any digital content delivered to mobile devices is that it has the opportunity to address a number of unique features only mobiles offer: [read more]

More in the fifth edition (page 11) of our mobile zeitgeist SPECIALS this time with focus on mobile marketing and mobile advertising – Reloaded.

Next issue will be published end of July 2010 and we are looking for authors. Focus of this edition will be „Looking outside – What we can learn from other countries?“ Interested? Please email me heikescholz[at]

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