NEW: mobile zeitgeist Special – Mobile Shopping [English]

Many experts, studies and observations have come to the conclusion that the year 2012 will be the year in which we begin to use our mobile devices for shopping. It is shown by many surveys that this is not only wishful thinking.  The consumers want flexible shopping and they also do it.

Reason enough for us at mobile zeitgeist, to dedicate a special issue to this trend. Thanks to our sponsor Shopgate we could provide this issue about mobile shopping.

Within eleven authors describe the trading conditions, give hints on how the optimal mobile shop has to be designed and what demands consumers have to a mobile payment solution. The textile mail-order company bonprix and the mobile grocery retailer give us an interesting insight on their experiences with mobile shops and the challenges connected with this.

Our sponsor Shopgate has made it possible to not only supply this special issue in German, but also in English.

We thank the authors and as always the designers of our wonderful title graphics. Which turned out really nice again. All graphics may be admired on our Google+ Site and on Pinterest.

Our next special will appear end of April 2012 and cover „mobile technologies“ again, which we had a look into in October 2009. If you want to be an author in this special contact me at: heikescholz[at] If you are interested in realizing a sponsored special issue feel free to contact me as well.

You are interested receiving this issue? Please contact us info[at]

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Über Heike Scholz 3390 Artikel
Nach über zehn Jahren als Strategieberaterin für internationale Unternehmen gründete die Diplom-Kauffrau 2006 mobile zeitgeist und machte es zum führenden Online-Magazin über das Mobile Business im deutschsprachigen Raum. Heute ist sie ein anerkannter und geschätzter Speaker und gehört zu den Influencern der deutschen Internet-Szene. Weiterhin ist sie Beiratsmitglied für die Studiengänge Angewandte Informatik und Mobile Computing an der Hoschschule Worms. Als Co-Founder von ZUKUNFT DES EINKAUFENS, begleitet sie die Digitale Transformation im stationären Einzelhandel. Sie berät und trainiert Unternehmen, die sich den Herausforderungen der Digitalisierung stellen und fördert mit ihrem Engagement die Entwicklung verschiedener Branchen und Märkte.

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