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mobilenn anwendungen

Im contemporarymuseum in Baltimore findet derzeit eine Ausstellung „CELL PHONE: Art and the Mobile Phone“ mit unterschiedlichen Aktionen statt. Wer also noch bis zum 22. April 2007 in Baltimore ist, sollte sich hierfür etwas Zeit nehmen.

Cell Phone features an international group of over 30 artists and artist collectives representing the range of artworks being created with and for a mobile phone device. Some of the works in Cell Phone take the form of a sculptural object, like Beatrice Valentine Amrhein’s Videos Lustre (2006) which features dozens of cell phones hanging from the ceiling like a chandelier, each running a short film on the cell phone’s screen. Other works, like TXTual Healing (2002-2007) by Paul Notzold, or cell:block (2007) by the artist collective URBANtells, invite the audience to contribute content to a work through text messages or photos sent from their cell phones. Another category of works in the exhibition include those that involve downloading a program, a video, or an image to your mobile device. Angie Waller’s clip.fm, for example, expands the communicative possibilities of cell phones through a series of narrative animations that can be downloaded and sent to friends instead of a text message. Other works like Mark Shepard’s Tactical Sound Garden (2004-2006) or Blast Theory’s Uncle Roy All Around You (2003) introduce software to a mobile device that allows audience members to participate with others in an interactive performance. Making a call from a cell phone will connect visitors with yet another group of works in the exhibition. Talking on a cell phone while walking through Informationlab’s room-sized installation Cell Phone Disco (2006), for example, will make visible the aura of an active cell phone’s signal by creating a trace of blinking lights on the gallery walls. In other works, a phone number will be given to access pieces such as Steve Bradley’s Call & Response: HydroSistrum which will invite visitors to dial a number to listen to data related to the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay, including information about water quality, currents, and temperature.
In der Washington Post findet sich ein ausführlicher Bericht zum Projekt MOOD „Me, My Cell and I: Can You Hear Me Now?“.

Willing museum visitors are handed business cards upon entering the gallery telling them to send the word „mood“ as a text message to a particular phone number in 240 area code. A few seconds later, a text message pops up on their mobiles. It comes in the form of a question.

„3/15/07 6:00 pm . . . Text: How at home are you right now? 1 — very little, 5 very much“. This visitor decides the situation merits a 3.

Another text follows. „Are you very careful to whom you express your love?“ There are five others that amount to a telephonic version of eHarmony. As numeric replies accumulate in the artwork’s computer, a real-time image screens the word „MOOD,“ which changes color along with audience disposition. Tonight, the mood of these 70-odd visitors, many MICA students and their supporters, is predominantly blue.
In Berlin läuft die Ausstellung „One bear, one elephant, and three people on the phone“ im AMERIKA noch bis zum 31. März 2007.

So hält das Mobiltelefon auch Einzug in die Kunst. Finde ich sehr gut.

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