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Netsize the global leader for mobile business and entertainment solutions today announced the launch of its Mobile Industry Report, The Netsize Guide 2007 (Convergence: Everything is going mobile)

The report includes research on mobile data services in over 25 countries supported by Netsize’s statistical research partner Informa Telecoms & Media. The report also has articles from senior industry leaders representing global brands including O2, Cisco, EDS, Google, Microsoft, MTV, Mobile Data Association, Nokia, Telefonica, Vodafone and many more.

Patrick Leleu, Chief Operating Officer, Netsize commented “The Netsize Guide 2007 is a free to download mobile industry report giving a snapshot of the global mobile data and content services market. Netsize has published this report along with its partner Informa Telecoms to share important market information with brands who are interested in launching mobile services. The report is a must-have document for anyone who works in the mobile and ICT sectors as it offers valuable data which will help in understanding the market and planning new services.”

“The Netsize Guide contains data and analysis that highlights the changing face of the mobile communications industry. The mobile business shows no sign of slowing. “We are well on our way towards the three-billionth mobile subscription worldwide,” says Mark Newman, Chief Research Officer at Informa Telecoms & Media. “And as the industry grows we’re seeing new business models emerge as the mobile, internet and telecoms world collide. The one certainity is that the mobile phone is going to play an ever important role in our work and social lives’ he adds.

The report highlights the impact of mobility converging into every aspect of consumers working and personal lives tying in with other digital media such as the Internet, TV and Fixed line Telephony. The impact of mobility on digital entertainment, marketing and enterprise is reported along with in-depth statistical data and opinion articles from global brands operating in the mobile space.

The report claims that the global mobile phone market consisting of 2.2 billion consumers is split into two where the developed markets see mobile penetration of almost 100% and average revenues per user as high as $65 per month. On the other hand developing markets such as India and China are fast growing with much lower penetration rates and revenues but with the highest number of new subscribers joining every month.

The report also highlights the changes in the slowing Mobile Handsets market which has seen double digit growth in recent years. However the sales are still expected to reach 1.255 billion units by 20011.

Other predictions include the forecast for the The Mobile Entertainment Market which is expected to be worth $23.1 billion in 2007. There are more statistical analysis and predictions about the market for Mobile Advertsing, User Generated Content and Mobile Business Solutions.

Mobile Commerce and micro-payments for digital goods is also fast developing into a multi billion market according to the report. There is also research on mobile phone consumer demographics and their salient features. The report has examples of integration of wireless technology in Cars, Vending Machines, Security Equipment, Ututility Meters, etc. expanding the use of mobile technology beyond basic communication.Hier geht es zum Download.

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