Europäer suchen neue Jobs mit dem Handy

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Pressemeldung von mobilePeople:

Europeans are turning their attention to the search capabilities of their mobile phones when looking for new careers, according to a recent report from mobilePeople, a leading mobile search firm.

The findings of mobilePeople’s ‘Mobile Search Trends 2006’ study showed that a six per cent of all mobile searches were for jobs and recruitment consultants just before Christmas 2006. According to mobilePeople’s data the overall number of mobile searches conducted during 2006 grew ten fold on the previous year.

The data also revealed the top mobile search categories before and during the festive period. These included in order of popularity:

1. Taxis
2. Takeaways
3. Restaurants
4. Supermarkets
5. Consumer electronics

The most popular brands searched on before Christmas were IKEA and TOYS R US. The searches peaked on Christmas Eve with the last minute rush for gifts and in particular consumer electronics. Then again on 27 December with post Christmas exchanges and sales. This shows how mobile-based services increasingly play an integral role in shaping consumer behaviours and have become an essential part of today’s lifestyle.

Among the top 20 searches were also banks and financial institutions, hotels, garage services, car parts, hairdressers, medical services, shoe retailers, cinemas, furniture outlets, toy retailers, department stores, pubs and coffee shops.

Eden Zoller, Principal Analyst at Ovum’s consumer practice commented on the results: “The combination of 3G networks and improved device capabilities means that mobile search is getting faster and easier. It is becoming something people want to try, and as the survey highlights, comes into its own when people are time constrained, on the move and need something quickly”.

“It is evident that consumers are warming up to the idea of searching on mobiles. Who would have thought a year ago about looking for a job on their mobile?” said Jens Andersen, CEO and co-founder of mobilePeople. “Companies worldwide are now facing winning over the ‘I need it now’ generation that chooses a mobile phone as a means of searching for information. It’s the final call to get on the mobile web or miss out.”

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