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Mobile Premier Awards 2011 Nominees

We are happy to announce the Mobile Premier Awards 2011 Nominees. The nominated apps for this year’s edition include the AppCircus winners of the 2010 series of events and the best apps of the AppCircus Categories.

An online jury of industry experts will select the 20 best apps out of all nominees for a live pitch in Barcelona on February 14th 2011. The finalists to present at the event will be announced on January 25, 2011.

Nominees from the AppCircus Winners:

AppCircus@Augmented Reality Conference Berlin – kooaba Paperboy
AppCircus@Apps Marathon Brussels – Samsonite Travel Miles
AppCircus@BDigitalApps Barcelona – 225 Kid Outdoor Games
AppCircus@Mobilecamp Argentina – Crazy Weather
AppCircus@Mobile 2.0 Europe – Cardmobili
AppCircus@MoMo Austria –
AppCircus@MoMo Belfast – Shhmooze
AppCircus@MoMo Berlin –
AppCircus@MoMo Bologna – Vetrina in Vista Mobi
AppCircus@MoMo Copenhagen – Endomondo Sport Tracker
AppCircus@MoMo Croatia – AirRaid
AppCircus@Droidcon London – Swiftkey
AppCircus@MoMo Edinburgh – Fikdu
AppCircus@MoMo Madrid –  Practicopedia
AppCircus@MoMo Malmo – Snooze with a Hearth
AppCircus@MoMo Milan – Mover
AppCircus@MoMo Oslo – Subsonic
AppCircus@Open Coffee Greece – Terpnon
AppCircus@MoMo Paris – Wipolo
AppCircus@MoMo Rome  - iMathematics
AppCircus@MoMo Romania – TripJournal
AppCircus@MoMo São Paulo  – Guia Quatro Rodas
AppCircus@MoMo Stockholm – TrueCaller
AppCircus@MoMo Slovenia – Odpiralni Časi
AppCircus@Texas Wireless Summit – Famigo Games

Nominees from the AppCircus Categories:

Arts & Culture – ARTags
News – Financial Times iPad Edition
Branding – Mango MNG
Education – Speech with Milo: Verbs
Girls Made – UrbanQ
Finance – Cube Time & Expense Tracker Pro
Food & Drink – Spork
Gaming – Tourality
Government – Good Citizen
Health & Medicine – Instant Heart Rate
LifeStyle – GeoCompare
Literature & Books – Pillars of the Earth
Music – deej
Photo & Video – iMediaShare
Social Change –
Social Networks – Life Is Better On
Sports – Roulette Cricket
Sustainability & Energy – Green Billing
Tourism & Travel – Rough Guides World Lens
Transportation & Navigation – iRoute
Utilities & Productivity – Rebtel

We wish all the nominees success to make it to the finals in Barcelona and we would like to thank all the developers who applied to this competition, there will be more opportunities with AppCircus in 2011. Stay tuned!

About the Mobile Premier Awards

Taking place on February 14th 2011 at “Diagonal 00” – the new Telefonica R&D Catalunya Headquarters in Barcelona, the Mobile Premier Awards are the largest open and global cross-platform app competition in the mobile industry. Organised in collaboration with some of the main networks in the industry, it provides the point of reference for the startup and developer community at Mobile World Congress.

The Mobile Premier Awards 2011 are supported by BlueVia, Intel and net-m.

You can register here to attend the event.

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